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Elisabeth at BloggerCon I, photo by Dan Bricklin
BloggerCon 2003

My name is Elisabeth Riba, though I generally go by "Lis" [If you're referencing something I said, please don't refer to me as "Riba" -- you can say "Lis wrote" or refer to something in "Riba Rambles", but I'm not routinely called solely by my last name, and don't care for it. Also, my last name is just Riba; Osmond is my husband's surname. I didn't hyphenate upon marriage; we just used osmond-riba to signify a domain shared by both of us.]

As far as physical appearance is concerned, my pictures probably do a better job than anything I might write, although my hair has long since returned to its natural dark-brown/black and is no longer purple or blue.

I was born in 1970 in Chicago, IL. Growing up, I've lived in Dubuque Iowa, Madison Wisconsin and Clearwater Florida, before falling in love with the Boston area and moving here to stay.

I am married to a wonderful man named Ian, who mostly writes as Xiphias. We also live with Lady Bubastis Underfoot, a.k.a. Boopsie, a grey domestic shorthair. I've already written up her life story and shared several photos of her.

Academically, I studied writing and computer science at Brandeis University, and now have a Master's in Library and Information Science from Simmons College. Professionally, I worked for over ten years at Lotus/IBM, moving up from technical support to QE to product design. I'm now a product manager at a company that makes library databases.

I'm an avid reader and an infovore, fascinated by too many intellectual pursuits to ever settle down. [Here's where I've explained my ‘mental magpie’ sobriquet.] I tend to stand on the liberal side of the political fence (libertarian on matters involving individuals, but in favor of strong regulations on corporations and businesses).

A long time ago, I wrote this essay, A Little bit about Lis, explaining a bit further about myself, including favorites and answers to some of the standard wish fulfillment questions.

That's probably about as good an introduction as I can provide on this spur-of-the-moment. You can get a further idea of what I'm like by just reading what I've written in my blog and elsewhere on my site.


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